Spring Live Crush Course


Our live webinar crush course starts with you taking our Mock 1 Exam.  This will provide a baseline for your knowledge.  Through a 5 week period (1 time a week for 90 Minutes) we will cover the BCBA® task list, while tailoring the sessions to your needs based on your Mock 1 results.  This course will get you ready to crush the exam.  This is a total of 7.5 hours of live webinars through zoom.  Each cohort has no more than 18 people so you will receive individual attention.  No other study program beats this price!

Included in this package is the Foundational Knowledge game course.  This is our fun and engaging foundational knowledge course.  This course is a mixture of drag and drop activities, memory game, graphic organizers, and flash cards that will test your knowledge on the basics.  It is based off the FK section of the task list plus a couple extra sections.  Below is a sample lesson you can enjoy to see what the course is all about.  You will have access to the course content below once purchasing this package.

Sample Lesson


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