Spring Live Crush Course

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Our live webinar crush course starts with you taking our Mock 2 Exam.  This will provide a baseline for your knowledge.  Through a 4 week period (1 time a week for 2 hours) we will cover the BCBA® task list, while tailoring the sessions to you based on your Mock 2 results.  This course will get you ready to Crush the Exam.  Each cohort has no more than 10 people so you will receive a lot of individual attention.  You also get access to Mock 2 and 3.  No other study program beats this price!

Cohort 1 Meets:
April 1st Monday 6pm-8pm (Central Time)
April 6th Monday 6pm-8pm (Central Time)
April 15th Monday 6pm-8pm (Central Time)
April 22nd Monday 6pm-8pm (Central Time)

Cohort 2 Meets:
April 18th Thursday 7pm-9pm (Central Time)
April 25th Thursday 7pm-9pm (Central Time)
May 2nd Thursday 7pm-9pm (Central Time)
May 9th Thursday 7pm-9pm (Central Time)

Cohort 3 Meets:
April 13 Saturday 12pm-2pm (Central Time)
April 20 Saturday 12pm-2pm (Central Time)
April 27 Saturday 12pm-2pm (Central Time)
May 4th Saturday 12pm-2pm (Central Time)


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